Luxury Home Designs

Building a custom home may be a dream come true for you, and for many, this is a once in a lifetime experience. Between the time, effort and cost associated with building your own home, you certainly want to choose the perfect design that has all of the luxurious features and special touches that you desire. There are numerous luxury home designs that you can choose from, or you may create your own design with an architect. You may consider researching some of the options available for inspiration and creative design ideas, or you may find a ready-made plan that you fall in love with and that has all of the designer upgrades and special features you could want in your new home. As you explore the many different home design options, keep these features of a luxury home in mind.

The Spaciousness of a Luxury Home

There are a few defining features that differentiate a luxury home from a standard home. When you think about a luxury home, you may think about a larger than average home. However, spaciousness relates to more than just extra square footage. The home itself should have larger rooms, and nothing should feel cramped or small. This may be accomplished by having an open, flowing design in many areas of the home as well as by having different nooks or alcoves that are tucked away from the main areas of the home. In addition, soaring ceilings can also make the space feel larger and more luxurious.

Built-In Designer Features

Standard homes are typically rather standard in their appearance, and they often have the basic features without the designer touches. A luxury home, however, has the designer features that make all the difference in the overall appearance of the home. This may include everything from a built-in bookshelf or entertainment center to built-in shelving and racks in the closets. It also may include art niches, decorative display areas, beamed ceilings, arched walkways and other details. Many luxury plans already include these features, but you can also talk to your architect about updating the design you like with the extra designer features that you desire.

The Importance of Architectural Detail

A luxury home has impressive detail throughout the interior and exterior. While many standard homes are essentially box-shaped, luxury homes often have a more unique and intriguing shape as well as more dimensions to the front of the home as well as the roof line. These are stunning buildings that may delight in their exterior appearance, and they also may be perfectly designed on the interior. This can include recessed ceilings, decadent moldings, gorgeous custom doors and cabinetry and a host of other features. You may gain inspiration from home designs, or you can browse through architectural magazines and websites to get more ideas for the architectural details of your new luxury home.

Numerous Rooms for Different Functions

While some areas of a luxury home may be open and flowing, there are often smaller areas that may be used for various purposes. Some of the more common separate areas may include a game room, a media room, a sitting room and a study. There may also be various other types of separate areas in a luxury home, such as an interior courtyard in the center of the home or a private courtyard off of the master bedroom. Some will have a private workout room, an indoor swimming pool, a cellar, an adult game room that may be more akin to a man cave, a cigar room and more. These extra rooms can give the home the extra wow factor that you may desire in your space, and it can also add to your quality of life.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Many luxury home designs also feature outdoor living spaces, and in many cases, these can be quite elaborate. They may include large sliding doors or numerous windows that can make the outdoor living areas feel more connected to the main areas of the home. They may also include entertainment features, climate-control features, cooking and dining areas, living areas and more. In some cases, these may be several different outdoor living areas that are connected rather than a single multi-purpose space.

There are several factors that differentiate a luxury home from a standard home. As you search for the ideal luxury home design or as you create your design with your architect, consider how you can include these different ideas into a design that is right for you.