Installing new flooring in your home is a simple way to refresh a space. Several material types, patterns and designs are made so that every homeowner can bring their personal preferences to the table. What many homeowners think is that new flooring has to cost a fortune, but this does not have to be the case. There are ways around the hefty price tag while maintaining a designer look.

Materials Options

When it comes to materials, there are several great options for flooring. Depending on the room that is getting new flooring, the material options are going to vary. Matching the space with the right type of flooring is important to ensure that you get the longest life out of the material as possible.

In bedrooms, it is ideal to work with carpet, laminate, hardwoods or tile. Carpet requires more maintenance, but there are options for Scotch guarding that will help with durability issues and preventing staining. Laminate is durable and matches nearly any decor or room color. There are hundreds of patterns, textures and shades to select from, with many looking like real wood.

For living rooms, family spaces and high-traffic areas, tile or laminate could be is ideal. These are easy to maintain and can withstand a lot of abuse without becoming compromised. These materials will also help to keep the home cooler in the summer months.

Kitchens and bathrooms are areas with little versatility in material choice. The three best options are tile, hardwoods or laminate. Linoleum tends to fail when it is faced with humidity, moisture and a lot of foot traffic.

Find a Professional

New Flooring on a Budget

Homeowners are often on a tight budget. One of the benefits of flooring is that there are ample shopping options to locate the right materials on nearly any budget. The ideal way to maintain a budget is to shop liquidation, clearance and discontinuation sales. These sales occur several times per year as new inventory is slated for delivery to stores.

Consider using online sources to find builder's leftovers as well. This option allows you to buy at builder's and contractor's pricing. It is likely that you will find enough materials to put new flooring in the rooms of your home using this avenue.

Creating a Modern Floor Design

Modern designs are what many homeowners are seeking, however you don't need to stay within the current design trend as your personal tastes are what count when it comes to your home. Modern designs are clean, simple and are often in one single color. Busy floor patterns are out of favor, and carpet is not as popular as it used to be. Tile, in various shapes, sizes and material types is finding its way into more homes. A variety of textures and completed looks can be created by using a mixture of tile. Travertine mixed with marble is great for entryways, as an example.

Subway tile is popular for bathrooms and is finding its way into the kitchen. It is easy to maintain and is durable. This type of tile is able to withstand humidity, heat and cold well. Glass tile accents on floors, as trim or to outline a specific design, is also affordable, trendy and looks great next to traditional ceramic tile.

Luxury Feel, Small Price Tag

Using quality materials is something that most homeowners find important. However, you don't have to buy designer products to get quality materials. The fact of the matter is you are often mostly paying for the name associated with the product. Several smaller designers and materials manufacturers that are not well-known make the same materials, in similar patterns at much more affordable prices.

This does not mean that the materials are of a lesser quality by any means. It simply means that this manufacturer is trying to make a name for itself, has a more efficient way of creating the materials that costs less and wishes to provide a more affordable option for homeowners on budgets.

Consider the options available and bring home samples. It is always ideal to lay out a few samples of materials on the floor to ensure that you are selecting a color, style and pattern that complements the space, matches the other colors and matches the style you are trying to achieve. One type of flooring complements a variety of styles and color schemes, so you can make multiple changes to the rest of the room without having to put down new flooring each time. One expense will last over a decade when it is properly cared for and installed properly.