Interior Doors Installation or Replacement

Your interior doors serve several important purposes in your home. On the surface, your interior doors provide a design element to each room that can enhance the overall look to your home. Interior doors also offer privacy in each room and can also help to keep small children confined to a room and out of trouble.

Interior doors also act as barriers to cold and help to keep your heating costs down. Each room in your home reacts differently to cold weather. Smart homeowners put up thick curtains and new windows to keep out the cold, and these measures are effective. But when you close off larger rooms with interior doors, then your furnace does not need to work as hard to heat the entire house. It saves you money on heating and it also extends the life of your furnace.

When it comes to installation or replacement of interior doors, you always want to have a professional come in and do the job. There are several things that can go wrong with interior door installation that a professional can take care of immediately and get you the final look that you want.

Installation Needs to be Level

Improperly installed interior doors will not open and close easily, and they could also get stuck when the weather changes making it difficult to use them. A homeowner with no construction experience does not understand the balance between installing an interior door with a level, and then rectifying any kind of imbalance in the walls or the home itself. A professional will install the door properly and make it level, which will allow it to open and close all year round.

Load Bearing Supports

Sometimes a wall support needs to be cut to get a door to fit properly during an installation or replacement project. If that support is a load bearing support, then that will cause structural problems throughout the house. A professional contractor can identify load bearing supports and make sure that a door is installed in such a way that it does not interfere with the structural integrity of the home.

Plumbing and Electrical Concerns

All it takes is one wrong saw cut into a wall for a homeowner to sever an important electrical line and make more work for himself. When you are doing a new install, it is a bit easier to keep track of the plumbing and electrical wires that will be running through the home. But on an interior door replacement project, pipes and wires are a primary concern. A contractor will know how to remove the old door and put in the replacement without causing problems to the electrical and plumbing systems that may be surrounding the door frame.

Find a Professional

Door Trim

Most homeowners look at the trim around their door and think that it is an easy process to install trim and make it look great. The truth is that the trim around a door should only be installed by a professional if you want to get the look that you envisioned in your mind when the project started. Installing trim around a door is not nearly as easy as it sounds. Miter cuts can be extremely difficult to measure properly, and straight cuts can often make the door look crooked if they are not put in place just right. When it comes to door trim, it is always best to have it done by a professional.

Finishing Work

Have you ever tried to remove a door frame in a room that has wall paper or latex paint? If the job is not done just right, then you may wind up damaging the paper or the paint to the point where the entire room will have to be redone. A professional contractor knows how to make the cuts and remove the existing door and its frame in such a way that does not do any damage to the surrounding area. There is a big difference between finishing work that is done properly by a professional, and finishing work that is done by a homeowner that eventually requires hours and hours of work to get right.

Interior doors make your home more functional and save you money on your utility bills. When it comes time to have interior doors installed on a new build, then bring in a professional contractor who can get the job done right the first time. If you are thinking about replacing interior doors in your home, then don't do the job yourself. Hire a professional contractor to make sure that the job gets done right and that you always get the results that you were looking for.