Carpet and Rug Cleaning

Many homeowners who have carpets in their homes also have carpet cleaners that they use from time to time. Cleaning your own carpets can be good for getting up small stains and bringing the color back into your carpets, but you need a professional cleaning job at least once every six months to truly retain the value of your rugs and keep your family healthy at the same time. The average homeowner may be shocked to learn just how important professional carpet cleaning services can really be.

Your throw and area rugs also need professional cleaning for much the same reason your carpets do. But there are added elements to rugs that makes it important to get them cleaned by an experienced professional. If you want to retain the look and feel of your carpets and rugs for many years, then you need to have them cleaned regularly by a professional cleaning service.

Sand, Dirt, and Debris

If there is one thing every homeowner needs to know about carpets it is the fact that it is the things you do not see that can cause the most damage. When you vacuum or deep clean a rug or carpet, you remove much of the sand, dirt, and other debris that gets trapped in the fibers. But only a professional will know how to get the deeply seated debris out of your rug for good. As an example, sand that is embedded deep in a carpet can slowly cut the base fibers and destroy the rug. A professional cleaning service will remove this damaging debris and salvage your rugs and carpets for you.

High Traffic Areas

When people vacuum and deep clean their rugs, they do their best to bring back the matted down fibers in high traffic areas. There are plenty of consumer products out there that claim to be perfect for bring your high traffic areas back to life, but the truth is that only an experienced professional can repair high traffic areas and bring them back to life.

The Special Attention Needed By Rugs

Area and throw rugs get stepped on, moved around, spilled on, and put in places that no other rug would really want to go. It is not enough to vacuum your rugs, because that does not get rid of the variety of debris that gets into your rug's fibers. A professional rug cleaner will know exactly how to clean your rugs so that they are free from dangerous debris and stains as well.

Find a Professional

The Perfect Amount of Water

If you use too much water to clean your carpets, then you will weaken the foundation of your carpets and possible damage the floor underneath. If you have ever removed a carpet before, then you have seen the huge stains that deep cleaners leave when they are used repeatedly in the same areas. A professional cleaning service knows exactly how much water to use and how to clean your carpets so that your carpets and your floors do not get damaged.

Bringing Back the Color

When you vacuum your carpets, they look a little better than they did before you vacuumed them. When you deep clean your carpets, they can look even better. But you will never truly bring back that color in your carpets and rugs unless you have them cleaned by a professional cleaner. A professional has the materials, methods, and equipment needed to truly bring back the color and feel of your carpets. As long as you have a professional come in and clean your rugs and carpets on a regular basis, they will always look and feel like new.


We have all seen pictures of toddlers rolling around on carpets and playing with their toys. The thing that we take for granted is how much bacteria a vacuum cleaner and deep cleaner actually leave behind. Your pets and your family can be subjected to dangerous bacteria if you do not have your rugs and carpets cleaned by a professional organization on a regular basis.

When we see a stain on the carpet, we instantly reach for a remedy that may or may not remove the offending liquid from the carpet. Regular maintenance to a rug or carpet is essential in sustaining the life of the rug or carpet, and in making sure it is always safe for your family to use. But if you really want to make sure that your rugs and carpets are deep cleaned, then the only solution is to have a professional carpet cleaner come in on a regular basis and make your rugs as spectacular as the day you bought them.